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Monday, October 21, 2019

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Privacy - Fatboy BLVD - Free Harley & American Cruisers Classified Ads

General Liability for content The content of our sites is delivered with utmost diligence and care possible. However, FATBOY BLVD can not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, integrity and actuality of the content. In cases of declaration of violation of rights, Locanto will delete the concerned content at the soonest possible time. Liability for links Our site contains links to external websites over which we have no control.Thus, FATBOY BLVD cannot be held accountable for the content of of those third party websites and the consequences that may arise from the existence of such links on Locanto. The operator or provider of the mentioned content is the one responsible for their respective site content. The linked-to websites were reviewed concerning possible violation of rights at the point of publication. However, some illegal content may not be recognizable at the point of publication. A constant and permanent monitoring of the links included on FATBOY BLVD without concrete indication and necessity is deemed unreasonable and infeasible. But in cases of declaration of violation of rights, Locanto will delete the concerned link(s) at the soonest possible time. Copyright The content and text published by third party website operators on FATBOY BLVD are subject to the Connecticut copyright law. The duplication, revision, dissemination and all forms of usage of content beyond the copyright limits require a written approval of the respective author and/or creator. Downloads and copies of the aforementioned content is only allowed for private and non-commercial use. If the content posted on Locanto did not come from the website operator himself, the third party copyright rules shall apply. All third party content is marked as such. Should there be any copyright infringement onFATBOY BLVD, kindly contact us and provide us with corresponding evidence. In cases of declaration of violation of rights, FATBOY BLVD will delete the concerned content at the soonest possible time. The following clauses shall explain when and to which extent personal data is handled, collected, promoted and used by FATBOY BLVD. Collection and processing of personal data Ads on FATBOY BLVD are obviously made available to the public. Our servers are located in the the state of Connecticut. If you choose to provide us with personal information, you are consenting to the transfer and storage of that information to and on our servers in Connecticut. We collect and store the following personal information: Email address, physical location/contact information and financial information (depending on the service used) Computer sign-in data, statistics on page views, traffic to and from FATBOY BLVD as well as ad data (Through cookies which you can disable on your browser. However, this is likely to affect your ability to use the site in terms of functionality). Other information including your IP address and standard web log information. We point out that data transmission over the Internet (eg communication via e-mail) can lead to security issues. A complete protection of data against access of third parties is not possible. Transfer of personal data Transfer or provision of personal data to a third party occurs only if FATBOY BLVD is lawfully obligated to provide information to authorities in relation to an ad that a user has posted, or if the user has given prior consent to the release of personal data. Otherwise, personal data will not be released, shared or sold to third parties for marketing or advertising purposes without prior permission from the user. Cookies FATBOY BLVD uses "cookies" in connection with the web browser for optimum usage of the site. A "cookie is a small piece of data coming from our web server that is stored in the user's hard drive or other storage device. The user may choose to disable or adjust enabled cookies accordingly by configuring their web browser. However, disabling or deleting cookies may result in the unavailability of some functions and features of the website. FATBOY BLVD uses cookies to remember the last activity of the user on the website, for the user's own convenience. This applies in terms of saving the user's details (username and password) and settings on applications. Cookies are used to identify the used computer. No personal data except the users IP-address is saved.Locanto does not use technology that may combine information obtained by cookies with personal user data, so as to detect the identity or email address of users. Use of Facebook Social Plugins Our website uses plugins provided by the social network, operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. The plugins are identifiable by a Facebook logo or the “Lik button. For a full list of Facebook plugins please see: When you visit a page of our website that contains a social plugin, your browser establishes a direct connection to Facebook servers, enabling Facebook to receive information about you having accessed the respective page of our website with your IP address. If you click the FB “Like” button while you are logged in on Facebook, the content of our page can be linked on your Facebook profile. Therefore if you are logged into Facebook, your visit can be assigned to your Facebook account. We point out that we do not have knowledge about the data gathered and its use by Facebook. For more information, please visit Facebook’s privacy policy: If you are a Facebook member and do not want Facebook to connect the data concerning your visit to our website with your Facebook member data, please log off Facebook before entering our website.  Our data protection policies only apply to FATBOY BLVD and do not cover external websites nor cover the external activities of the users and the consequences arising thereafter. FATBOYBLD offers users the possibility to interact with FATBOY BLVD users and post ads under a cipher as an added security measure. This considerably hinders third parties from collecting users' personal data. FATBOYBLVD also uses Javascript to encode your email address (that was submitted as a contact email) to prevent the scanning of users' email addresses through external software. However, email addresses that are published openly in the ad itself are not covered by this security feature. Right of withdrawal and information Personal information provided to FATBOY BLVD may be requested for deletion at any time provided that the information is not needed for a running transaction or is not lawfully required for safekeeping. If you have given the permission for the transmission of personal information to a third party, you may at any time cancel or withdraw this permission. Information regarding all personal information saved on FATBOY BLVD can be provided on request and free of cost. You have the possibility of requesting eventual corrections to erroneous and non-current data at any point. Updated December 1, 2015